Two New Articles!!

Hi everyone!  Here are two new links:

I’m so excited!  More music and shows in the works!!


I’m So Excited!!!

Wow!! This Thursday (Yes two days from now), my solo piano album, The Foundation will be available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.  I’m really excited about this achievement!! This album is an autobiography of my life from songs that I like to what drives me as a creative musician.  Two more days until “The Foundation” is released!!

Linear Harmony

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post! I’m glad to be back. I have learned a lot of things lately and I would like to share one of those things with you.

So I was practicing some chord progressions that were really abstract. The way I was approaching them were “Here is the first chord. Here is the second chord, then the third chord etc…” Then it hit me. I have been approaching chords like a laundry list or even as static events. To sum it up, I was looking at harmony and chord progressions vertically.

So decided to look at harmony from a linear perspective. How would this be done? Well, I looked at Bach chorales just to see how harmony worked. Bach’s harmony was so linear that the chords flowed into one another. It wasn’t just a static list of harmonic events. The harmony had momentum. Each note in the chord had a destination from the beginning to the end. I began to pay more attention to the details in how each chord connected to each other.

After that, I checked out saxophone players like Charlie Parker. Now one saxophone player cannot play a chord because the saxophone is a single line instrument. However, a saxophone player can spell the notes in the chord as a line. In doing that, moving in harmony becomes more interesting.

In life we have events and milestones that stick out (some more than others). At times we focus so much on the milestones and events that we can forget about what goes on in between that leads up to the next thing. The same applies to music. Instead of looking at chords and harmony as a lists of events, try to look at it linearly. Harmony will be more of a story that you will never forget and you will be more tuned in to detail.